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This interesting project was designed in 1935-1936 by a student of the MAI (Moskovskiy Aviatsionniy Institut) named F. Kurochkin. The "Sokol" ("Falcon") was a VTOL fighter of 7.53m length overall and 5.80m wingspan. A single 860hp Hispano Suiza engine in the rear fuselage drove the 4m diameter wingtip propellers via driveshafts in the wing. For landing the outer half of the wing tilted and a single centreline undercarriage leg was used with outriggers in the wingtip pods. A 2m diameter propeller was fitted at the tail instead of conventional horizontal control surfaces and the Sokol was estimated to be capable of 527km/h. A single machine gun would have been carried in the upper cowling over the nose (radiator?) air intake.


"Aviatsia i Cosmonavtika Magazin", 1999


Presented below are artists' impressions of the VTOL fighter design.  The in-page images are reduced resolution files.  Clicking on the images will open higher resolution images, typically 1280 by 720 pixels, with the file sizes shown.

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Attack! A Soviet Army fighter engages two German JU-87s. [552KB]

The Sokol might also have been used by the Soviet Navy - here shown on the carrier "Komsomolets". [296KB]

On patrol over the wooded countryside. [465KB]

A Soviet Navy machine in a colour scheme used on Pe-2 bombers of the period. [185KB]

3 - view of the Sokol showing the large size of the propellers. [190KB]

Two Soviet Navy fighters on a midnight patrol. [241KB]

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